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We are passionate about people growth and making the right connections, meaningful and profitable relationships drives the core of our business. Become a part a growing global team of smart creatives, be part of blackfruitpixel.

To succeed as a Concept Digital Studio today we need to design adaptive digital solutions targeted to user need and integrated with commonly used hardware and software platforms. Integrating with existing software technology and global companies is key to our business social networking.

People are the core key to our success, we want to hire smart creatives that will contribute to the growth of the company as a whole.

We offer meaningful and profitable partnerships with all the individuals or companies we work with. Our goal is to help you succeed in what you offer and if it has a place in blackfruitpipxel we would like to grow with you.

Executive PR Partner

Are you a connected and out spoken extrovert? Do you own a company or currently running a project in your own personal capacity? Would you like to join a team of smart creatives to become a part of a company that build solutions that really change the world?

If you are this individual, we are looking for you to partner with us and work with us on growing our company as an exec PR representative of our company.  We are passionate about building effective business solutions through design and are looking for someone with passion and meaning in what they do, understand digital trends and well connected.

If you are interested send us an email to:

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