The idea of this article came about wheile sitting with a friend/ex colleague of mine, discussing business and life out of the corporate world. I realized this was a conversation I had before with most of my design clents in start-up’s. The discussion around having a logo and having a brand is very exciting for me when I talk to new design clients starting up a new company. A logo is a Brand Marking, so what is a brand they ask? I usually answer this with a series of questions.

What are these logo’s worth to you?

Would you pay that amount for your own company logo?

If you were a designer how much would you have charged the for the logo design?

The most important question I ask my design clients is “Why do you want me to design a logo for your company?” and this triggers a whole bag of questions. Sparking this way of thinking and asking the different questions is what every new business should do to define their brand and align it to their business goals. This is what most new entrepreneurs do when starting up and setting up their business:

  • Write a business plan.
  • Get a logo.
  • Set up a website and email.
  • Get flyers and other marketing material designed.

They do this as quick as possible get things going as soon as they can to get the company off the ground. Well if you are selling a commodity or just fizzy sugar water, then that is just ok. If you are looking to run a successful company with a powerful brand and really changes peoples lives on the other hand, then you need to look further into the details of your brand.

A brand is a feeling, the way you do business, what you stand for and a culture – Varima Henry


The video above is a good example of a brand being more of a feeling than anything else, yes the markings, advertising campaigns or tag lines, make part of this feeling but is is just one aspect of the visual communication but rather where the message is coming from. A brand is matured over time but can certainly be crafted in detail to nature it and set it up for growth, and here is how;

Forget the traditional way of starting up a business – The

list of things that most people do when they start up is usually more of a

requirement and check list, now I don’t know who made this list but i think

they are crazy out of their minds. Majority of the time your business plan is wrong

and don’t resonate with what you are really passionate about and your inner

feeling, it quickly becomes a numbers game. Ask yourself, who are you designing

your logo for? and what is the objective of your website in your business?

Before you go on and “save money” getting things (logo,

website, business cards etc.) designed that you are going to need to be redesigned and

well thought of at less than a year if your business takes off… you might as

well invest a bit more money in the begging and have a proper well thought of

brand strategy. This talks to how you want to do business who you are and what

you love doing, who your clients really are not who you would like them to be

and how your business will communicate with them and how the product or service

gets to them.

So how much is your brand worth? Take some time to really

think about it. Is this the thing stopping your company from being great and meaningful

to peoples lives?

Are you feeling a miss-match in what the voice of your brand

is saying and what you are really passionate about? Are you talking to the

right audience?

I would like to know what has your process of defining your

brand. Have you found it to be effective? what are the missing pieces?

Let’s have a conversation in the comments section below.

Need help defining your brand, take this questioner and let

us get back to you:


Thank you for whatching and reading.

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