Recently we have changed the way we do things and have started getting some new clients in, helping them define their brands and understanding their business goals. below are some of the recent projects we have been working on and are still working with the clients in a strong partnership to shape or reshape their brands for success.


Bright Spark logo design – Bright spark is a training company owned by a good friend of mine, recently formed the company needed a deep look into their brand strategy and an urgent need for the brand markings and business cards.

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Fresh Yumm Web design – This a division of a company that has other sub brands under FRESH… Fresh Yumm is a catering cafe offering superb fresh food options. As part of the bigger  re-branding project this website was designed as the first part of the re-branding excercise and more from Fresh will be available on our behance portfolio soon.

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Primax Billing Solutions logo design – Primax Billing is a new start-up in the medical industry, based in Pretoria, specialising in medical aid billing services. working on their new brand and strategy the logo design was the first item on the list when it came to design tasks.

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Afro Amour Web design – ‘Afroness’. “We advocate being shamelessly in love with your hair. Love it, appreciate it, what the heck, have a love affair with it. A healthier head of hair you simply cannot resist falling in love with.”  Our contribution to the brand included a thought out e-commerce design, layout and functional website aligned to the business objectives of taking the brand online.

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Thank you for watching, if you like the work that we do and would like to commission us for a project, please take some time to go through this quick questioner to help us understand your brand and your request better:

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